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Glukhov Mihail aka Germind

​Michael was born on March 31, 1984 . in Germany in Potsdam in a military family . During his life, Michael had the opportunity to live in different cities. Germany , Latvia , Estonia, and then Volgograd Volga where he was in 1996 and became interested in music , got a great impression from the Goa trance , which walked away with his head and raised on Astral Projection, Hallucinogen, Total Eclipse , etc. Tried to start a music career information, records, but realized that a noisy party , it's not for him. In 2006 . started to learn FL Studio. In 2007 . went to St. Petersburg , where he was living. Michael writes a variety of music . But a strong impression of the beautiful city and a great love for his girlfriend in the shower cause tenderness and romance , and Michael stops at Chill Out and Ambient. This music is not any limits - is a free flight .


In 2012, the project DJ Ger-Man was renamed Germind.

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